The picturesque pilgrimage city
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Lord Mayo’s statue.
Mayo College
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The Jhalra near
the Durgah. Ajmer

Ajmer in Rajasthan state is a very ancient city, at one time the military headquarters of the Moghuls, today known the world over as a holy city attracting hundreds of pilgrims of all faiths to the shrine of the great Moslem saint – Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti.

Close to Ajmer, at the foot of the Tazagarh Hill, stands a rare relic of Hindu architecture – Arhai Din ka Jhompra. It was originally meant to be a Sanskrit college but converted into a Mosque. The workmanship of this monument is unique and beautiful.

The Anasagar Lake formed in the 12th century by raising an embankment between two hills provides enthralling landscape, embellished with gardens and five elegant white marble pavilions. Also known for its religious significance and popularity is the Pushkar Lake and temples sacred to the Hindus. Here every year in November thousands of pilgrims gather to bathe in the sacred lake. It is also the occasion for the largest Cattle Fair providing an abundant colourful scenes- jewellery, costumes and turbans.

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Ceiling of
Arhai din ka jhopra
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Ceiling of
Sheesh Mahal Ajmer
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General view of Durgah or tomb of Khwaja Satile
Heritage Glimpses
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