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Interior of Dilwara Temple Mount Abu
It was not only in his portraitures and "sovereign scenarios" that Lala Deen Dayal excelled. He roamed all over India, exploring its old world cities as well as its virgin vistas; carting heavy load of equipment sometimes in bullock carts from solitary temples to a lonely waterfall; from a serene lake to a bustling town; from monuments to palaces, and left us a valuable legacy. His excensive series of Indian views forms a timeless travelogue of the country.
He was not alone - others had made a speciality of this type of documentary work but Deen Dayal had in him some incredible urge and he bent all his efforts during those seven years of touring to attain a high level of technical achievement combined with his inborn love of his beautiful country.
He had an unerring eye for detail, enormous patience, skill on the job and later in his darkroom where with patient labour he watched his work take shape and come to life in the developing trays
Maharaja of Orcha - Sir Pratap Singh
Diwan-e-aam Red Fort-Delhi

Hindu Colonnade at
Kutub, Delhi

Man Mandir Form, Gwalior

The Taj Mahal from
the Riverside, Agra

Ellora Caves,
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