Lala Raja Deen Dayal, pioneer Indian 19th century photographer(1844-1905). has left for us an exquisite photographic record of British India, of a bygone Colonial era influenced by Native Princely India- its picturesque opulence, rich costumes, whiskered nobility, hookah bearers, royal palaces, hunts, and parades, elephant carriages, historic events - golden moments captured on "silver" plates for posterity

            Lala Deen Dayal
It was not only in his portraitures and "sovereign scenarios" that Lala Deen Dayal excelled. His lens captured the culture and tradition of India's rich architectural heritage, temples, monuments, forts, views, and memorials. His extensive series of Indian views forms a timeless travelogue of the country.
A unique repertoire of the excellence of Black and White photography, with early techniques, processes and equipment which produced living images and left its impact on the history of art and printing.

Reproductions of pictures displayed on website are available
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