VARIOUS PROCESSES. The Technical Expertise of Deen Dayal

Range of  Photographic Services  offered by Raja Deen Dayal & Sons

*Enlargements in Carbon finished in Monochrome, Water or Oil Colours
*Life size Oil Paintings based on Photographs
*Miniature paintings on ivory with/without photographic basis.
*Ready albums of Views of India, Native Characters, Events etc.


  Permanent Platino type


This beautiful process produces a picture finer than any engraving and lends itself to the finishing process in black and white in a way no other process in photography does. When nicely printed and artistically finished, it is far superior to the ordinary silver print and much softer in tone and altogether more effective. In addition, it has the advantage of being absolutely permanent. It will not fade in the slightest even if kept always in the glare of the brightest sunlight; the picture will last unfaded as long as the paper on which it is printed



This is a process of producing photographic pictures on the finest white china. Ordinarily silver prints are supported on paper and cardboard; and the slightest impurity in either paper or cardboard or exposure to damp etc. causes them to fade. With a basis of china and nothing to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, the chance of fading is reduced to a minimum The picture is therefore practically permanent one. It possesses great beauty and is characterized by its vigour and softness. Opals form very pretty ornaments for the table or a bracket. Opals can be finished in black and white or in water colours. Miniature painting on opals gives a better and purer effect than on ivory. For this class of work we have a special artist, and those who like coloured or tinted photographs are sure to be satisfied with the result.



This is a style of mounting portraits and landscapes which we are now introducing to the Indian public. Ordinary silver prints are mounted on the best clear glass with plain or gilt bevelled edges. The prints being in optical contact with the glass, the effects are to add much to the brilliancy of the picture, to bring out the detail of the photograph with great clearness and to render the print more permanent. The photograph is also much better preserved from dust and moisture, by the glass in front of it.
Like opals, these opalines form pretty ornaments in themselves.; it is not necessary to mount or frame them, at the same time they are very effective when suitably framed. They may also be shown on a simple stand supported by a strut; they can also be hung like an ordinary picture.


  Silver Prints

This process is the every-day mode of photography. We print the photograph on the best paper we can obtain; the prints are finished and spotted by competent artists, and everything is done to secure a pleasing and artistic picture. These pictures are more liable to fade in the course of years than platinotype prints, but as we use the finest chemicals and thoroughly superintend the various processes, we can recommend our silver prints to be as endurable as those obtainable anywhere else. They are perfectly reliable for all practical purposes as long as they are protected from moisture.



With our large cameras we are prepared to supply portraits direct from life either on platinotype or silver paper or as opals or opalines upto the size of 15” X 12”. For those who like larger pictures or wish a smaller portrait enlarged, we can make enlargements in permanent bromide upto life-size. These enlargements can be made from any negative of our own or supplied by the customer or from an old print, no matter how small or faded it may be.
All our enlargements are finished by competent artists in black and white, and are very suitable for portraiture, as the features and personal characteristics are rendered with beautiful softness and good effect.



This is a process by which large numbers of photographs can be reproduced cheaply and quickly. Portrait, landscape or building – any photograph can by this process be duplicated, and thousands of them (if necessary) printed. Such copies are far superior to those produced by any other half tone process; the details are beautifully rendered, and when varnished, the prints are equal to an ordinary albuminized print.
This process is particularly adapted for book illustrations.



This special branch of photography is one which is in great demand, for which we have provided all necessary apparatus, wide angle lenses, artificial light etc. etc.
We undertake to produce satisfactory views of drawing, dining, sitting, bedrooms, verandah etc. showing clearly the arrangement and detail of furniture , etc. even to the accurate reproduction of a small photograph on a table. Such pictures form interesting mementos of life in an Indian bungalow, and are eminently adapted for friends in England, and will convey to them in a realistic way how Anglo Indians furnish their residences.


Interior of Ball Room,
Yacht Club

St. Thomas Cathedral, Bombay
Under this head we include photographs of Public Meetings, Receptions, Durbars etc. and also Dinner Parties, Ball-Rooms, Bridal Parties. In many cases the light in a private room is either totally insufficient for successful photography or it illuminates the room in such a way as to prevent a good result. This need not cause our patrons any difficulty, because we use artificial light to help in such cases.
  Moving Objects

With our stock of lenses of highest rapidity, very sensitive plates and rapid shutters, the firm is well provided for taking pictures with clear definition – even of rapidly moving subjects. We can take a picture upto one thousandth part of a second.


  Zenana Photography

Our Studio is arranged to enable us to accommodate Purdah ladies and to ensure perfect privacy. Such ladies will be attended by a lady operator, and every precaution will be taken to ensure their custom being respected and also to ensure their personal convenience and comfort.
Special arrangements will be made for those ladies who prefer being photographed at their own houses.
No hesitation need be felt in relying on our honor in this respect. We undertake in such cases not to retain a single print or copy in our establishment of any portraits, and to deliver up or destroy every negative.


Hyderabadi Muslim dress worn by dancing girl
  Amateur’s Work

All ladies and gentlemen who may send in their negatives to be developed, retouched or printed from, may rely on our being as anxious to produce a good result as if the work was entirely our own.
When negatives are sent for development, full particulars should accompany each batch, if possible, ie. The kind of plate and maker’s name, the length of exposures, time of day and nature of subjects photographed. With these details the operator can more effectively control the process of developing.
We can print from amateur’s negatives by any of the processes above described .


  Outdoor Photography

Inspection Parade outside
Greens Hotel Apollo Bunder
Constitutes Groups, Parades, Military Manoeuvres, Camps, Polo, Yachting, Races, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Garden parties, Picnic parties, etc. etc. Bungalows, Public Buildings, Pets and other animals.
The firm is prepared to send a competent artist with assistants to photograph any place or scene, or any assemblage of people. When practicable, the place will be visited a day previously, in order to fix the best time of the day to get a good result.
If a place or a building is taken at a time when light falls evenly over the whole scene, the result is a flat, uninteresting picture, and it is therefore of great importance to fix a time when the illumination is at its best.
The best time for out-door photography is before 10 am or after 3 pm.

Excerpts from the Catalogue of Raja Deen Dayal & Sons


  Hints to Sitters

A portrait may be both artistically and technically first rate, and yet entirely fail to give satisfaction to the sitter. To be a really successful picture, the sitter's happiest expression must be caught. This depends almost entirely on the sitter and the mood he happens to be in at the moment. The pose, dress, accessories are more easily under control, and we venture to offer a few suggestions to our Patrons, which we hope they will accept in good part, and we in return will do our best to give them pictures they will be really pleased with. Our operator is a highly-paid and skilful artist, who has had great experience, and sitters will study their own interest by placing themselves in his hands. But if sitters prefer to pose themselves, and to take the full direction of the sitting, we shall certainly do our best to please them and ensure a good result, and in some rare cases a good result will be obtained.

Sitters can do a great deal towards securing success. When practicable it is desirable to make an appointment beforehand. And a day should be chosen when plenty of time is available. This will avoid any sense of unrest on the sitter's part, and enable the operator to perform his duty leisurely and at ease, which often results in saving time. On arriving at the studio any preference as to dress, pose, or accessories should be mentioned to the operator, who will afford every assistance in carrying out any wish, and will give the benefit of his experience and make suitable suggestions.
The head-rest is often of great assistance, and while sitters are strongly recommended to use it, they may please themselves.

The weather need not be considered; rainy or cloudy weather will not prevent our obtaining good pictures.

1. The following colours for costumes are the best to be photographed in, - cream, light greys, and light tints generally.
2. Dead blacks and whites are not so good. Dark reds and browns, heavy greens and yellows come out nearly the same as blacks. Blues are represented in the photograph as white or nearly so, except in the case of heavy dark blue.
3. Leave the matter in the hands of the operator as far as possible. Accept the support of the head rest, if necessary.
4. Come when you have no other engagement immediately following, so as not to feel flurried.
  Babies And Children
Babies and children are subjects that require patience, care and attention to obtain a photograph that is both a pleasing picture and a true likeness.
Our studio is so arranged that the strongest light can be thrown upon the sitter and that without causing any heavy shadow. We have the latest improvements in photographic apparatus, and with a skilled operator and instantaneous plates we secure good results with the shortest possible exposures.
Although babies and children often occasion much trouble and require a large number of plates, we make no extra charge.
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