Native Chief in Tensel Robes     (Click to Enlarge)
Native Chief in
Tinsel Robes
Photographing royalty was his way of life but Deen Dayal left a varied heritage of pictures pertaining to the common man - families, events, gatherings, religious, cultural, festive, all these were covered by him in varied contexts.
From a group of thugs in the studio to wrestlers on the street, from a flower bedecked bridegroom to a tribal woman with a child, the images conjure up a vivid picture of life in British India.
Character, costumes, jewellery, headgear - the remarkable emphasis strikes the viewer.

Maharaja of Orcha - Sir Pratap Singh      (Click to Enlarge)
Maharaja of Orcha-
Sir Pratap Singh
Ethnic Family 1885     (Click to Enlarge)
Ethnic family 1885
Unidentified Couple 1880s     (Click to Enlarge)
Unidentified couple 1880s
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