In the course of his ardous journey through his beloved country, Lala Deen Dayal was particularly privileged to visit many Jain pilgrimages being a devout Jain himself. His images of Dilwara Jain temple in Mount Abu are notable for their rich contrast and highlights of a subject as difficult as pure white marble. The ornamental detail of the minutely carved ceilings, pillars, panels and doorways is reflected beautifully in the dayal images.
The richly carved corridors, pillars, arches, and mandaps or porticos are truly awe-inspiring. On the ceiling are engraved rich and elaborate designs of lotus-buds, petals, flowers, geometrical designs and scenes illustrating the Jain and Hindu mythologies. The exquisitely chiselled marble carvings of the Dilwara Jain temples have to be seen to appreciate the skill of the artisans. In many places the marble figures are almost translucent. No wonder the artisans - 15000 of them were paid in gold and silver equivalent to the weight of the marble chiselled out.
Built in the 11th century the Dilwara temple reflects a period which witnessed proliferous expansion of Jainism. As most followers of Jain faith belonged to the prosperous merchant class, they expressed their devotion by donating large sums of money for the construction of intricately carved temples made of marble. These temples were dedicated to their saints known as the tirthankars and also served as storehouses of illustrated manuscripts and treatises.
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Intricately carved Circular ceiling of mandap in main hall
Details of Floral pattern on ceiling with translucent effect of marble
Richly chiselled marble pillars leading to the sanctum sanctorum
A long shot of the
symphony in marble.
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