The City of Gardens
Sacred Nandi Bull     (Click to Enlarge)
Sacred Nandi Bull

Mysore is a city of beautiful palaces and gardens. Only 80 kms from Bangalore, it is a popular tourist destination. The Maharajah’s palace built in 1897 is a fine reflection of Oriental decorative styles – a combination of Hindu and Moslem architecture. Inside are several remarkable paintings.

Just outside the city is the Chamundi Hill, known for its ancientChamundeshwari temple and the huge Nandi Bull that keeps a watch over the city. On the Hill is the summer palace, Lalit Mahal – a beautiful white structure with a stained glass dome and Italian marble staircase. Today it is a hotel.
The view from Chamundi Hill is a superb panorama of Mysore city dotted with its ranges of hills, lakes, temples and churches.

The Brindaban Gardens and Dassera celebrations are other highlights of Mysore.

General View of Chamundi Hill     (Click to Enlarge)
General View of Chamundi Hill
Shiva Temple, Nanjungad, Mysore      (Click to Enlarge)
Shiva Temple,
Nanjungad, Mysore
Jubilee Hall Mysore      (Click to Enlarge)
Jubilee Hall Mysore
Interior of Maharajah's Palace, Mysore, 1899     (Click to Enlarge)
Interior of Maharajah's Palace, Mysore, 1899
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