Saga of the Nizams


Once the capital of the Nizams, Hyderabad is now the cyber capital of India. Lala Deen Dayal had the largest of his studios in Secunderabad from 1880. As the royal photographer to the Nizam he recorded a vivid visual history of the Nizam’s kingdom. At the turn of the century several important public buildings were built in typical Persian style and give a unique character to the cityscape. Among these are the Osmania Hospital, the High Court, Osmania University, Mecca Masjid, Assembly Hall etc.

A must for tourists is the Salar Jung Museum, the largest one-man collection of art and treasure from all over the world. Originally housed in the palace of Nawab Salar Jung, the Museum now has the status of a National Museum in its new premises. The Dayal record includes glimpses of the original devdi (palace) which was known for its ornate settings.

The center of the old city and landmark is the Char Minar, 180 feet high, flanked by corridors of arched buildings with interesting shops selling jewellery, pearls, bangles, crafts, antiques textiles etc.

The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are among the 7 largest cities of India , cosmopolitan , progressive and base for important National Science Research Centres.

Rampart of Golconda Fort

Assembly Hall , Hyderabad

Porcelain Hall –
Salar Jung Palace
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