The Royal Abodes of Rajasthan
Alwar Palace Rear View      (Click to Enlarge)
Old Palace in the
Bharatpore Fort


Dayal was equally at home amidst royalty and lay public, palaces and ruins. In the course of his tour every place was covered.

Alwar, a bygone princely state, dominated by a medieval fort on a conical hill also boasts of a fine museum of Moghal and Rajasthani paintings, manuscripts and an armoury of weapons belonging to the Mughal emperors. Beside the Sagar lake is the dream palace of the Maharajah.

Further east from Alwar is the beautiful town of Deeg renowned for its massive forts and water palaces, well laid gardens, fountains and carved monuments. The largest of the palaces is Gopal Bhavan which contains the intriguing marble swing captured from Oudh; other palaces are Suraj Bhavan and Nand Bhavan; built of marble and ornamented with semi precious stones, these palaces have an air of mystery and romance about them.

Another princely state Bharatpore was known for its massive, impregnable fort which helped repulse several British attacks and commemorates a successful assault on the Mughal capital.

Marble Cenotaph of the Maharaj of Alwar     (Click to Enlarge)
Gopal Bhavan Palace, Deeg
Gopal Bhavan Palace, Deeg      (Click to Enlarge)
Marble Cenotaph of the
Maharaj of Alwar
Old Palace in the Bharatpore Fort   (Click to Enlarge)
Alwar Palace Rear View
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