The glory of Central India

Carved front of Jain
Temple at Burwa Sagar

Central India was the cradle of Dayal’s photographic skills. He toured this region extensively and produced some of the finest images of the area. Among the native kingdoms was Orcha a medieval city, 120 km from Gwalior. Founded in the 16th century by the Bundela King Rudra Pratap on the banks of the Betwa river, the town is dotted with fortress, temples and cenotaphs.

The architecture is a fusion of traditional Hindu and Indo Saracenic styles. Across the Betwa river, with rolling green hills in the background, stand the mausoleums of the Bundela Chiefs. At one time this town must have been the centre of glory of the Bundelas. But time has left it slumbering in peaceful beauty of its bygone era.

Rich fauna and flora have made Madhya Pradesh a state of many attractions besides historical monuments

The Great Temple
South View Orcha

Mausoleums of
Bundela Chiefs

Sawan Bhadon
Palace Orcha
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